Overhaul • Repair • Exchange

Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. offers complete overhaul and/or repair of governors manufactured by the following:

  • Hamilton
  • Woodward
  • Ontic
  • McCauley
  • Hartzell
  • Aero Technologies

For those that may be in an AOG situation, we also offer a governor exchange program.

Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. has more than 225 years experience in the aviation field and is always more than happy to answer questions or troubleshoot any of your governor problems.

McCauley governor mounted on test stand Adjusting feather setting Energizing propeller sync coil Governor test stand instrumentation Setting takeoff RPM Various governors
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The PCU5000 Governor PCU5000 Governor

Aero Technologies, Inc., located in Wheeling, IL, introduces the PCU 5000 (Propeller Control Unit) and is available nationwide. The PCU 5000 is FAA-PMA Approved and supercedes WW II technology currently found in most single-engine constant speed governors. It has precise propeller control with higher output capacity which provides greater oil volume and is ideal for STC prop upgrades. Custom units are available for experimental aircraft which is called PCU 5000-X.

The PCU 5000 is totally interchangeable as an FAA-PMA Approved Governor - Just bolt on PCU 5000 and go!

Install the 21st century PCU 5000 and replace 50-60 year old governor design philosophy. It comes with the best governor warranty in the aviation industry!

The PCU5000 Governor
The PCU5000 Governor