Machining and Rework

Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. is able to perform all of the ever-increasing number of machining processes for the proper repair of all components that we service. Our machinist uses highly sensitive machines that insure the closest tolerances possible.

We are able to control the quality of work performed and complete it within the time frame promised to our customers. As an added bonus, we can repair, develop and modify our own tooling to make work at our repair station easier and more efficient.

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In-House Machining and Modifications

Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller performs many machining and modification operations, including:

  • McCauley™ Blade Retention Ring Groove "R" Mod
  • McCauley™ Oil Fill Mod
  • McCauley™ O-Ring Groove Mod
  • McCauley™ Retention Nut Mod
  • McCauley™ Hub Drilling
  • McCauley™ Blade Shank Drilling
  • McCauley™ Counterweight Machining
  • Hartzell™ Mounting Flange Holes "F" Mod
  • Hartzell™ Actuating Block Machining
  • Hartzell™ Turbine Full-Feathering Rod Machining
  • Hartzell™ BETA Collar Machining
  • Hartzell™ Slip Ring Surface Machining