Complete Aviation Service

  • FAA Repair Station Number LU4R349M
  • EASA Repair Station Number EASA.145.5271

Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. began servicing the Gold Coast in July of 1982 as a family-owned business. Since that time PBAPI has provided unparalleled services to aircraft owners, FBOs, and repair centers worldwide.

We are a complete propeller service facility, specializing in the repair, inspection, overhaul, alterations and sale of aircraft propellers, aircraft propeller governors, aircraft wheels and related parts. We offer FAA-Certified non-destructive inspections: magnetic particle, fluorescent penetrant, eddy current and ultrasound. We also offer FAA-Certified anodizing and cadmium plating in-house, along with many other aviation-related services.

Balancing a 5-bladed Hartzell propeller Setting governor take-off RPM Installing tire valve stem - air valve Propeller blade anodizing Precision R Mod machining
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Overhaul or Exchange

We also provide FAA-Certified NDT Inspections to the aviation community as well as many other industries. These services include fluorescent penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current and ultrasound.

We are Proud Members of:

  • Worldwide Aircraft Propeller Association
  • American Society for Nondestructive Testing Inc
  • American Electroplaters & Surface Finishers Society
  • Florida Agricultural Aviation Association
  • Aeronautical Repair Station Association

Fly in, Drive in

Palm Beach Aircraft Propellers services most brands of aviation propellers and is a McCauley® Authorized Service Center and a Hartzell® Recommend Service Facility.

Fly in or Drive in and visit our clean, well-equipped FAA-Certified Repair Station. We are located at the west end of the Palm Beach County Park Airport (LNA)

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